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A 25 year old company with an excellent reputation with firefighters around the world decided it was time to go retail. Within a year, every major hardware co-op was stocking this exceptional product in their warehouses.

If you manufacture the best and want to see if your retail sales can set the world on fire, our experts are available.

Genius Dry Erase

Genius Dry Erase

You can have the best prodct in a crowded category, but if sales are disappointing, it may come down to simpy adding a single feature that you hadn’t seen. In this case, taking a clear coat, dry erase product and adding a disapearing blue tint to it did the trick.

If you need help seeing opportunities more clearly, our experts are available.

Charcoal Box

Charcoal Box

The inventor had a box of charcoal. We saw a new way to merchandise and deliver premium charcoal briquettes for single use opportunities. It took just six months to go from concept to national retail shelves. Trademark registration, package design, sales management, we’re “All-In-One.”

When you’re burning to bring your idea to the world, our experts are available.



How could a regional turkey lunch meat manufacturer compete against multi-national food conglomerates for refrigerated grocery space? The answer was to create store give-aways that get through to jaded chain buyers ad entice consumers for product trials.

When you need to talk turkey about specific sales problems, our experts are available.



The caulk category has been dominated by well-established brands. A niche manufacturer needed to introduce their low VOC, non-cancer causing, “green” product into this competitive environment. We took them into stores with a heads-on, aggressive award-wining program.

When you’re facing giants and you need some skilled retail warriors, our experts are available.


Hearth Cushions

Custom made, fire-retardant hearth cushions make sense for families looking to protect their little ones from accidents. How to make them affordable, shippable, and easy-to-order is where the creativity comes in.

When you need to sit and discuss your direct sales problems, our experts are available.


Softball Helmets

When a respected Big Ten Coach writes that your invention changed the face of softball, it’s easy to get a big head. Actually, it turns out that the answer to making the catcher’s position safer was right in front of them all along.

If you’re looking to change the way your world looks, our experts are available.


Dual Flush Toilet Kit

There’s been very little change in toilets since the days of John Crapper. Push the handle and the water flushes out of the toilet. Starting with only a plastic import, we created a brand, an award-winning package, national retail distribution, as well as institutional sales programs.

If you’re trying to get from concept to shelves and into homes our experts are available.


Whistle Air

Changing furnace air filters has always been a chore. The inventors of a permanent air-filter that alerts the homeowner when its tie to clean it needed a Mass Merchant program if it was to be a success. Packaging, sales materials, trade ads, store displays, and representation were developed in no time.

If you need to get to market quickly, just whistle, our experts are available.

camouflage ladder

Promotional Programmers

How to make hard-to-ship, hard-to-store, how-to-make-interesting products something a retailer would want to make a black-friday program without dropping prices? Simply change the look and just add camouflage.

If you’re looking to make your product stand out from the rest, our experts are available.

Drain Opener

Turnaround Specialists

Taking a 60 year old cleaning products company that bottled hazardous material in an out-of-date building in the upper midwest into a profitable, award-winning, national brand for the new century required analytical, financial, packaging operation, promotional, sales and marketing expertise.

When you’re thinking that your brand might need some serious help, our experts are available.


Inventors and Manufacturers

From concept through patenting, from tooling through manufacturing, from packaging to national sales, the seat belt adjusting Millennium Child Protector proved to be a life-saving alternative to booster seats.

If you’ve got a life-altering product idea trying to become real, our experts are available.

Cool-Thighs logo

Rebranding Specialists

After the inventor became ill, his small business languished. We saw an opportunity to expand the reach of his patented safety program beyond just internet sales. Licensing and retail sales followed shortly after the new look was introduced.

If your sales motor isn’t running at its full potential, call us. Our experts are available.